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Aquaguard Enhance RO + UV is an advanced water purifier which combines the power of RO and UV purification technology. It comes with a TDS regulator+ which adjusts the purification depending on the source of the water, resulting in 100% safe, pure and healthy water. The design looks really impressive and will give all the charm to your kitchen with its unique and stylish representation.

Aquaguard Enhance RO UV water purifier has all the essential features which makes water safe and tasty for drinking while cleaning all the impurities present. Its unique Reverse Osmosis membrane blocks all impurities, chemical contaminants. UV purification technology kills disease-causing viruses and bacteria to make it healthy for drinking. The TDS controller enhances retains all the essential minerals to the water so that we don’t miss the essential minerals and taste of the water. The water purifier is made of food grade plastic which ensures water stored is safe. Its 7 litres of water storage is sufficient for a family of 4-5 members.

Let’s look at the pros and cons that this water purifier holds.


  • The combination of RO, UV and TDS assures 100% pure, healthy and tasty drinking water
  • Comes with a storage capacity of 7 litres which would be easily sufficient for a family of 4-5 members
  • RO membrane removes extra TDS like pesticides, lead, chemicals and all the dissolved salts from water
  • Comes with an inbuilt voltage stabilizer and a booster pump to increase the pressure of water in RO membranes



  • Little expensive if compared to other purifiers having the same features
  • Maintenance cost is a bit expensive than other water purifier companies. It’s always advisable to invest in maintenance

Key Features of Aquaguard Enhancer Water Purifier

With RO and UV technologies combined together and followed by TDS Regulator Plus, the multi-stage purification system in this water purifier removes contaminants, excess TDS, dissolved impurities and chemicals. But the TDS regulator+ in this water purifier helps in retaining the essential minerals which are required for a safe and healthy water. The stages involved in the multi-stages purification involves:

I-Cartridge helps to get rid of the visible particles like dust and mud from the water

Chemi-block helps in eliminating smell and taste along with chlorine from the water.

Electronic membrane life enhancer prevents the RO membrane from deposition of dissolved salts, thus helps in increasing the overall functioning and life of the RO membrane.

TDS controller helps in adjusting the TDS of purified water to give healthy drinking water.

RO membrane is the key component of this Eureka Enhance water purifier. It removes bacteria, cyst and virus from the water. The membrane also reduces hardness, heavy metals and pesticides from the water.

Taste Enhancer improves the taste of water by removing organic impurities and improving the colour of water with the help of carbon.

enhance water purifier

Auto-Fill Technology

Aquaguard Enhance RO + UV water purifier will never let you feel the scarcity of water due to its auto-fill technology without any manual intervention. The sensor detects the water level in the tank and depending on the water level, the pump gets on or off automatically.

Purifier storage capacity

With the storage capacity of 7 litres and a flow rate of 15 litres per hour with purification at 6 different stages, Aquaguard Enhance water purifier is ideal for mid-sized family. The estimated life of membranes, cartridges and filters is 6000 litres which is around 12 months with an average consumption of 15 litres a day.

Other significant features

  • Low power consumption of 35 Watts
  • Twin-mode tap controller
  • 1-year warranty
  • Purifies borewell, mixed tanker, municipal, stored and tap water


Should you buy one?

Source: Amazon

Aquaguard Enhance is a nice product with an elegant design and easy to use features. Its RO-UV purification technology is great to purify any kind of water with impurities. But, other companies deliver you the same technology in a lesser price than this. Also, the maintenance cost of this water purifier is a little more than the competitors. So, if you have no problem with the budget, go for this machine.

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