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Water in India is highly contaminated and is the primary cause of 80% diseases. Water borne diseases that commonly affect human health are typhoid, cholera, malaria and diarrhoea. Everyone needs a RO purifier to stay healthy and keep most of these diseases away. Aquaguard Reviva Ro purifier is an elegant and clean product from the house of Eureka Forbes.

Aquaguard Reviva RO comes with an 8 litres of water storage capacity. It purifies water with the combination of RO + UV which provides clean water for consumption. But it does not have UF purification system installed in it, which its competitors provide in the same price range. Its RO purification technology kills germs and viruses present in the water.

It also helps in removing the dissolved salts present in the water which are harmful for the body. It comes with some additional features like Auto on off function, enhanced booster pump and 8 litre storage capacity. So, it is a simple to install and easy to use water purifier which purifies water using a combination of RO and UV.


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Aquaguard Reviva RO is made from a superior quality plastic. It has a tap to dispense water which adds to the convenience. Also, It comes with an 8 litre storage tank which ensures continuous supply of pure drinking water. This Ro Water purifier comes with a convenient size to place on the kitchen top. Its dimensions are 320 x 275 x 410 mm.

Technology of Water purification in Aquaguard Reviva RO Purifier

Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultra-Violet (UV) are the technologies which are used to purify the water in Aquaguard Reviva purifier. Reviva water purifier is recommended where the TDS present in water is higher. It is suitable for water that contains high TDS content and other chemical contaminants as well.

The water is made pure for consumption as the TDS levels is reduced to the levels that are safe and healthy for human beings. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the maximum TDS level in your drinking water is 500 mg/litre. After purification, this RO purifier kills all the chemical and physical contaminants which makes the water safe for drinking and taste sweeter too.


  • 8 litres of water storage
  • Enhanced booster pump to drive high-pressure water to RO membrane
  • Automatic on-off feature
  • Taste enhancer cartridge gives tasty drinking water.


  • Require electricity to purify water
  • Expensive maintenance cost. The filters and cartridges are expensive to replace
  • No UF technology

Features of Aquaguard Reviva RO Purifier

  • Membrane cleaning system increases RO membrane life by removing dirt impurities
  • Silver surety technology enhance purification process
  • Automatic on off function keeps a check on water so that you are never out of water when needed
  • Enhanced booster pump increases pressure of water in RO membrane to make RO process much better
  • Unique E-boiling function provides pure and healthy water by boiling water electrically as if the water was boiled for 20 minutes on a gas stove.
  • In-built taste enhancer cartridge enhances the taste of water

Verdict: Aquaguard reviva review

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Aquaguard Reviva RO ensures pure drinking water, especially water with high TDS levels. The various filters and cartridges clean and purify the water but enhances the taste too. But this RO water purifier does not have UF technology which plays a vital role in the purification. The Ultrafiltration (UF) technology removes the dead bacteria present in the water. This water purifier has negative customer reviews as many customers reported problems on a monthly basis and other reports it offers the worst after sales service.

Also, it comes with a storage capacity of 8 litres which is sufficient for a small or medium sized family. Its price is comparatively at par with the other products that its competitors offer. But the maintenance for this purifier is expensive and you may have to spend a lot of your money to change the filters and cartridges from time to time. Filters and cartridges are essential parts of any purifier and have to be changed on time for proper operation of the purifier.

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