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I had been looking for a replacement for my old Water Purifier. I have been quite upset with the manufacturers for their promises on after sales services. When my old water purifier had an issue with the filter, it took nearly four days for a Technician to attend the problem. I have a large family and giving them anything short of purified drinking water would mean that one by one all of them would fall sick. I decided to look for the best water purifier for home. I learned that Kent had come up with a smart RO system so I decided to check it out.

Kent Superb Smart water purifier review

It is indeed by far the best designed water purifier by Kent. The device has a smart touch screen, larger illuminated water tank and several other features. Kent has enhanced it’s patented, tried and tested double purification RO + UV technology to Superb. It is said that Kent Superb is the world’s first smart water purifier. The built-in digital touch screen interface provides real time monitoring of water purity and device performance. The computer chip also enables auto-on and auto-off operations, this ensures longer life of filters.

The touch screen dashboard is quite simple to use and has 4 tabs; Status, Service, Help, and Settings. The status tab is more of a dashboard that shows RO flow rate, time, water quality and balance filter life. Service tab is primarily for technicians to update any kind of work done on the device. Help tab highlights product features and a troubleshooting guide. Settings tab is used to set time, date and brightness of the screen.

I was convinced that my search was over. Another reason that got me all the more satisfied was the customer service. From all the reviews from other buyers and the assurance from the manufacturers themselves, I went ahead with the purchase of Kent Superb

There is definitely a sign of relief when I use this RO purifier for my family. It assures me that I will always have the best in the market in terms of water purification system. Yet another feature is that, unlike UV and only RO purifiers, Kent’s Mineral ROTM water purifiers remove dissolved impurities like chemicals, pesticides, rust, etc in water while retaining essential natural minerals that are required in drinking water. The storage capacity is 9 Litres as against 8 in the previous models. Non-breakable feature of ABS plastic as its built ensures higher durability & longer life of the purifier. Food grade classification ensures that no harmful chemicals leech into the purified water.

Ensure to read the manual thoroughly and hear the advice of the Technicians. There is no point in buying the most expensive water purifier and not using it the way it is meant to be. Overall I am very happy with the purchase. It is indeed pricier than the rest but why would anyone complain paying a little extra when you are convinced that it is for your own wellbeing.

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